Amazing Concept

The kids were delighted to welcome their new angels. What an amazing concept and what an impact these have had on the children.  The first question was do you think she really is an angel with heavenly power?Wanting and wishing it to be true!  They immediately filled out the birth certificates, named the Angels and according to the sitter were talking to them and involved with them the rest of the evening well as slept with them tucked in their beds. 

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Very Special

Very Special

Wow!  What wonderful presents we love our angels and the message in the book. Very special. Thank you!!!


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A Truly Gifted "Gift"

Congratulations upon your new publication.  Unique.  A blessing of a creative enterprise for all the right reasons.  Explore and look at this truly gifted "Gift"...A Bluegrass Gem of a children's message through artistic imagery and poetic story telling.  Faith & Friendship. Love it.


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Sweet Book

What a sweet book!  My daughter's face lit up when she realized this angel was her very own forever to keep.  She named her Blue LuLu.  You did an amazing job.  I can't wait for the next book!
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Thank You

We received our Angel and book today.  I just read it to my children. It's absolutely beautiful my kids love it. Thank you so very much.  I am happy that you wrote this it really helps my children understand what they mean to God.


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Love At First Sight

I got the infant book today!  My Goddaughter is excited her baby sister will have one too.
She opened hers last night and it was love at first sight!  She named her angel Violet Rose.  During her prayer time she thanked God for her new angel friend and asked for help in always making the right choices not only as a kid but when she was grown up too.
Thank you so much for a wonderful gift!


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