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Every little one needs to learn about the role Angels play in the Kingdom of God. Throughout scripture we see Angels being commanded by God to do his bidding. We see angels rejoicing in singing, angels delivering good news, angels in battle, and more. Angel Friends is a sweet offering that can open the door to conversations about God’s love and protection. The book paired with the angel friend toy serves to children as a tangible reminder to be kind , help others, and that God is always with them.
In each Angels Above book that is sold, 10 meals are provided to children around in need through the Children’s Hunger Fund and Story Changers. How wonderful is that? Children can grow in their faith with this book and also know that other children will be helped because of it! The book is beautifully illustrated and shares a message of comfort, mercy, hope, and friendship.

The set is very well put together. You can choose from a boy or girl angel and there are options for skin color preference, etc. Each angel comes with two sets of wings that attach by velcro. The angel is baby safe featuring cloth eyes and other parts. There’s no need to worry about choking hazards. I like that you can customize the set as it comes with a certificate on which you can say when the set was given and name of choice for the doll.

Angels Above has two books in the series: Blessed Baby is specially created for young children and babies, and Cherished is for children ready for their own adventures.

I feel with the two offerings available that children of all ages can benefit from Angels Above Book Sets. Perhaps a child needing comfort and reassurance would benefit the most. These sets are high quality and well thought out. I certainly recommend it for both boys and girls.

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Rebecca Krusee

Rebecca Krusee

When Shannon’s publicist approached me to review her new book, Angels Above, I was excited as it is an innovative product! When I received my copy, it took my breath away. I thought Wow, this is amazing! I can see people giving Angels Above gift set as baby shower, baptismal, Easter, birthday or Christmas presents.
 I especially appreciate that a portion of the proceeds go to feed children.
About the Book 
A story about angels on a mission to spread love and share positive messages with children everywhere. This book set is a fun new approach to helping guide children throughout life. There are so many creative ways the messages can be delivered with the help of your Angel Friend.
About the Author
Shannon Clark, is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing. Currently a free-lance writer, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Shannon lives in Kentucky with her husband and two children.
Please welcome Shannon!
Blessings, Rebecca
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